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Inside U.S. Trade News Analysis U.S. Faces Key Questions as it Mulls Adding Ag Products to AGOA

Sep 11 2014

Beau Jackson was interviewed for an article in Inside U.S. Trade entitled U.S. Faces Key Questions as it Mulls Adding Ag Products to AGOA.

Beau argued that the U.S. should expand market access for products like beef, cotton and peanuts regardless of whether they are commercially significant for African producers. “Whether or not something may or may not be commercially significant for AGOA beneficiaries shouldn’t dictate whether we provide them access for such products because supply chains evolve and growing patterns evolve,” he said. “I think we should provide the most equitable access we can.”  Beau also argued in favor of adding tobacco to AGOA saying that the health implications do not change depending on the country where it is grown.  "There is a certain amount of demand for manufactured tobacco products, and that demand is declining significantly, but that demand doesn't ever flow or depend on in any way the country from which the leaf originates."

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