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Beau Jackson to Speak at IPBA 2017 (April, 2017)

Mar 17 2017


AMS attorney Beau Jackson will be presenting on “International Trade in Dairy, Sugar, Tobacco, and other Sensitive Agricultural Products,” as part of a panel entitled “Wine, Cheese and the High Life: Trade Barriers, Geographical Indications, and Other Challenges to Free Trade in Coveted Agricultural Products” at the Inter-Pacific Bar Association’s 27th Annual Meeting and Conference in Auckland, New Zealand on April 8, 2017. 

The theme for this year’s IPBA conference is “Connectivity and Convergence.” The theme reflects the interconnected nature of the legal world as a result of the internet; free trade and economic arrangements; and modern transportation, and the resulting need for greater harmonization of procedures and laws across borders. 
For more information, including the event schedule and registration details, click here.
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